SSC Oil Co., Ltd. participates in the CSR-DIW project annually.

Corporate social responsibility

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. is committed to steadily growing the organization and developing sustainably.

In line with our corporate vision, SSC Oil is committed to maintaining sustainable growth and sustainable development through corporate social responsibility.

The company constantly carries out social responsibility activities every year, for example, contributing money for temple renovation, distributing scholarships and life insurance to students, building local water plumbing systems, etc

We also continuously monitor and improve our processes to create a greener environment and brighter future.

Human resource development

To achieve our organizational goals, SSC Oil has realized that human resources development is essential for sustainable organizational growth.

The company offers various training programs to increase the knowledge and develop the necessary skills in all our personnel through factory equipment training, safety training, etc.

In addition, the company has also provided appropriate welfare and long term incentives to employees to enhance the good relationship.