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3R waste management principles

What is the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle?

The 3Rs waste management principle is a principle that was invented to reduce the amount of waste. reduce spawn quantity from the beginning during the process to reach the destination which consists of

Reduce is the reduction of industrial waste. Reduce the use of consumables or use the most economical items. to reduce the amount of waste that will occur not caused from the start

Reuse is the removal of waste generated. reuse without going through the transformation process Resulting in reducing the generation of various types of waste.

Recycle is the process of turning waste into a state of being. through various processes And come back to use again in other ways

Final waste that cannot be used from the 3Rs process will be sent to treatment (Treatment) and dispose of waste (Disposal) properly according to academic principles. But since the waste generation plant has already relied on the 3Rs principle, the waste generated will be greatly reduced As a result, waste management expenses are reduced, production costs are reduced. make people have a better quality of life Reduce complaints and gain acceptance from surrounding communities. Promote the efficient utilization of natural resources. and to preserve the environment sustainably

Industrial Waste Management Methods Method Code and Method Subcode that are consistent with the 3Rs principles are as follows:

Type 01 sorting

  • Subcode 011 sorting for resale

Type 03 Reuse  

  • Sub-code 033 Returning to the seller for repackaging or reuse.
  • Subcode 039 Reuse in other ways

Type 04 Reuse

  • Subcode 041 Use of alternative fuels
  • Sub-code 042 Use as a mixed fuel
  • Subcode 043 Burning for Energy
  • Sub-code 044 is an alternative raw material in cement kilns.
  • Sub-code 049 Recycling in other ways

Type 05 Recovery

  • Sub-code 051 Import of solvent recovery process
  • Sub-code 052 Metal Recovery Process Import
  • Sub-code 053 Import of acid-base recovery process
  • Subcode 054 Catalyst Recovery Process
  • Sub-code 059 Recycling of sewage or other unused materials

Type 08 Other methods of management

  • Sub-code 082, filling in
  • Subcode 083 Fertilizers or soil improvement substances
  • Subcode 084 Animal Feed

Thank you information from Pollution Management System Textbook industrial waste Department of Industrial Works https://www.diw.go.th/



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