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Industrial waste in Thailand is generated in large amounts every day. cannot be handled properly discarded without permission The consequences will be widespread and cannot be assessed.

  • I. Waste disposal incorrectly affect health Causes various abnormal symptoms throughout the body, whether it is acute symptoms (Acute Toxicity), chronic symptoms (Chronic Toxicity), cancer (Carcinogenicity) or even genetic toxicity (Genetic Toxicity)
  • II. Waste disposal incorrectly destroy the state of mind Bad smell from waste oil sludge affect mental health This causes high stress, fatigue, lethargy, lack of enthusiasm, feeling confused, etc.
  • III. Improper disposal of waste affecting social and economic aspects in a wide area Whether directly and indirectly, such as making the population or businesses in that area move out of the area affecting the small economy and causing people to have a bad attitude towards Get rid of industrial waste. And lead to a lack of credibility in the waste management system. industrial waste or may cause land in that area to lose value
  • IV. Improper disposal of waste affect plants and animals Toxins will affect the photosynthesis of plants. making it impossible to fully photosynthesize or even dust in the air It has a wide impact as well. Like animals, it may affect life. Or even the propagation system is possible and most importantly, when people eat animals or plants as food, it may cause the accumulation of such pollutants in the body. can negatively affect people in the long run

In a good way, the waste generation company Waste should be sent for disposal or treatment by a factory that is properly licensed by the Department of Industrial Works. will be a good thing and create sustainability for the organization and nearby communities

Thank you information from Pollution Management System Textbook industrial waste Department of Industrial Works

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get rid of waste get rid of oil Get rid of different types of oil.

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