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Why choosing SSC Oil waste disposal service?- SSC OIL Co., Ltd.

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has a team of professionals in marine and industrial waste disposal. We own and operate Thailand’s largest waste oil recycling plant. The company can provide absolute competitive advantages through various aspects. These include complete documentation, certification, facilities, environmental management, and risk management. In addition, we have a professional consulting team that can provide integrated one-stop services to our customers. These are some of the reasons why SSC Oil receives the trust of leading organizations around the globe.


SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has been certified by many organizations and government sectors and also has legitimate licenses in all aspects.


Marine Department: Certificate number วล.ร9/2558 allowing SSC Oil to provide waste disposal and waste recycling services for ocean liners. We are able to collect MARPOL waste from all approved anchorages in Thailand and also on shore areas.

Ministry of Industry: Certificate number (สก) 02-048/2552 allowing SSC Oil to produce alternative fuel oil from waste oil.

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. complies with ISO 14001:2015 Certificate of Environmental Management.

Department of Energy Business: Ministry of Energy Certificate number ชบ.0310058 allowing SSC Oil plants to store type 3 fuel oil.

SSC Oil โรงงานสีเขียว(อุตสาหกรรม)

Ministry of Industry: Certificate number  2-3361/2558 certified Level 3 Green Industry.

Excise Department: Certificate number  2551-02233-3


Ministry of Industry: Certification of factory’s environmental control personnel number อก ๐๓๐๘/๖๕๙๙ including environmental managers, waste disposal system controllers, and waste disposal operators.

Facilities and Equipment

SSC Oil is fully equipped with waste reception facilities and treatment plants. We have received authorization from the Department of Energy Business allowing the factory to legally store type 3 fuel oil. Currently, the company has waste storage capacity up to 6000 tons or approximately 6,000,000 liters.

Waste Transportation System

On land waste transportation

The company has five waste transportation trucks with the capacity of 40,000 liters and three trucks with capacity of 15,000 liters. All waste trucks are legally registered with the Department of Land Transport and the Department of Industrial Works. They are also equipped with a GPS system and hazardous manifest certification from the Department of Industrial Works indicating compliance with international standards. With great flexibility in our transportation team, we can efficiently provide service in both small and large disposal cases and also in the case of emergency. In addition, all drivers are specially trained in safety procedures for waste transportation to guarantee that we operate with maximum safety standards.

Marine waste transportation

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has cooperated with First Inter Services Co., Ltd., which specializes in marine waste transportation. The company has a 200-ton waste transportation ship which has the potential to provide waste disposal services in the Central and Eastern parts of Thailand.

Our waste transportation ship has been officially verified and registered on the website of the Harbor Department.


Source: http://www.md.go.th/md/index.php/20140119050228/20160725031533/20161123073812/–64

The company also has various types of vessels to support and work in all locations and conditions which are available 24/7 thereby increasing our flexibility.


The company is primarily concerned about safety management. All workers must wear safety equipment including a helmet, facemask, earplugs, safety boots, and raincoat.


Moreover, the company also has various types of high pressure pumps that can be used in many situations.


In the case of emergency, such as oil spill cases for example, the company has the experience and equipment to solve the problem in a timely manner. In this case, a high-performance vacuum truck and oil boom would be provided to solve the problem. Complete safety equipment sets will be used in accordance with international standards.

Environmental Management

Waste air treatment system


Water and oil vapor produced by the recycling and disposal process at 120-140 degrees Celsius are treated by a specially designed air pollution treatment system. The company has used a series of highly efficient equipment to reduce air pollution including spray condensers, air condensers, single cyclone separators, and wet scrubbers. As a result, the released air from the process is free of pollution and odors, and is certified by the Ministry of Industry through the environmental standard ISO 14001: 2015.


Wastewater treatment


Waste water and condensation from the production process must be treated in a complex waste water treatment system. The treated water will be reused in the production process. There will be no discharge of effluent outside the factory area.

Sludge residuals disposal


All sludge residuals are sent to be incinerated at Siam City Cement PCL: Factory registration number 3-101-2/44 สบ. according to the letter of consent between the user and the service provider number:SCCC.SC-374/2560.

บริเวณเก็บของเสีย น้ำมันปนเปื้อน

Safety Management

Transportation safety management


The company has a standard measure for transportation safety. To keep track of operations, all waste transportation trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking system. In addition, the driver must undergo alcohol measurement testing every time before providing service. There is also monthly drug testing to maximize our safety standards, enhancing confidence for all customers.


Risk management in the case of fire


The SSC oil factory is fully equipped with various types of fire extinguishers which have been verified in accordance with international standards. Moreover, we train all of our staff every year so that they have the knowledge and ability to handle fires in case of emergency.

Risk management in the case of oil spills


In the case of emergency, such as an oil spill case for example, the company has the experience and equipment to solve the problem in a timely manner. In this case, a high-performance vacuum truck and oil boom would be provided to solve the problem. Complete safety equipment sets will be used in accordance with international standards.