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Waste management guidelines

What is the 7S management approach?

in general There will be environmental management tools that are commonly used in industrial plants such as the 5S/7S principle, ISO14001:2015 standards. Or whether to apply the principles of Lean operation for the environment. which in choosing the tool must be selected to suit the organization Knowledge and understanding of budgets for maximum efficiency

Waste management methods, mainly 5S and 7S, are as follows:

S1: Clean up is the cleaning up of things that are not in use. or more than necessary To reduce the amount of excess than necessary, reduce the impact, reduce waste to the environment.

S2: convenient is to keep things organized. Convenient to use, not cluttered, can be picked up easily

S3: Clean is to maintain cleanliness Inside the work area to be cleaned regularly. increase work safety

S4: Hygiene is to maintain standards and continually improve to be hygienic.

S5: Form a habit That is, when following the aforementioned 4S, one must have discipline and continue to do so until it becomes a habit.

S6: Beautiful is to maintain a beautiful working environment

S7: Environment is to save environmental resources. using the principle Avoid use (Aviod) and 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle)

Which, if the industrial factory can follow the 5S and 7S principles, will be able to greatly reduce the waste of energy and resources. It also helps the company to manage get rid of waste get rid of various oils More efficiently with standards and is more acceptable to customers.

Thank you information from Pollution Management System Textbook industrial waste Department of Industrial Works 



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