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Improper waste disposal How does it affect the environment?

toxins from industrial waste If the waste disposal is not correct Will cause a lot of negative effects on the environment and ecosystems. which can be summarized as the following topics

Effects on surface water sources

Because surface water is often the source of industrial effluent. Which, although going through the process of getting rid of waste treatment If done incorrectly, there will be pollution. Residue which contamination of toxins Waste can affect health in the long run.

Effects on groundwater sources

because in general Soil is able to absorb pollutants contaminated with water well. Causing more toxins to accumulate in the soil and result in groundwater affecting the growth of plants in that area As a result, a new law was created. Where all industrial plants must dig wells and inspect the groundwater for contamination of hazardous substances or not.

Air quality impact

The pollutants discharged into the air are divided into two categories: particulate pollutants such as dust and gaseous pollutants such as odors from exhaust gases from smokestacks, odors from sewage treatment plants. Air pollution has a detrimental effect on things. Can get a lot in addition to human health It is also harmful to plants and animals. damage the material Harmful to the environment and ecology

Industrial waste management, waste disposal, oil disposal to comply with that law. It is a very important duty of industrial waste generator (Waste Generator, WG), industrial waste transporter (Waste Transporter, WT) and industrial waste treatment and disposal (Waste Processor, WP) to be responsible and must comply with the law together. To reduce the impact on health and the environment of the country sustainably.

Thank you information from Pollution Management System Textbook industrial waste Department of Industrial Works



SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has environmental monitoring measures. Including groundwater, constantly checking air, heat, light according to Department of Industrial Works standards Annually every year, the company is happy to provide service. get rid of oil used all kinds Buying oil such as engine oil, fuel oil, contaminated oil Hydraulic oil, waste oil, used grease, oil mixed with water, lubricating oil coolant oil other waste oil

The company has a valid type 106 license from the Department of Industrial Works to operate the business of making replacement fuel from used oil. Surroundings Management Standards ISO14001:2015 Has been trusted by leading companies across the country.

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