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SSC Oil Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 from the cooperation of entrepreneurs. and fuel traders Has a factory business license (Ror. Ror. 4) type 106 for the type of business make replacement fuel from used oil get rid of oil recycling contaminated oil used oil


The company is aware of the growth of the industry. and various transportation systems within the country resulting in the amount of waste Waste oil from places such as ocean liners industrial plant rapid increase In addition, the current waste management system is not sufficient to meet the needs. As a result, many industrial plants There is no proper hazardous waste disposal process.

to solve such problems The company therefore has a vision to operate a waste disposal business. get rid of oil with accurate and comprehensive methods according to international standards ISO 14001:2015 and industrial waste management standards "Gold level"


some of the waste that can still be reused The company recycles through the production process with modern tools to obtain products that can be used to replace fuel oil in the industrial sector which is saving natural resources protect the environment and reduce oil imports from foreign countries sustainably

To solve this problem, our company has a strong vision to provide waste disposal services according to Thai laws,

  • Get rid of cooling oil / Coolant
  • get rid of engine oil
  • Get rid of contaminated fuel oil.
  • Get rid of oil contaminated water.
  • get rid of hydraulic oil
  • get rid of lubricant
  • get rid of other waste oil
  • get rid of oil residue get rid of used grease

or if the oil has a high heating value Or good quality, the company is willing to buy oil at a reasonable price.

In terms of marine waste disposal SSC Oil Co., Ltd. is one of the largest waste, oil, sludge and contaminated oil disposal companies in Thailand.

Our services cover Disposal of various types of waste oil according to MARPOL 73/78 Convention.

  1. Oil – crude oil, fuel oil, oil sludge, oily bilge product washing water dirty ballast water
  2. Noxious liquid substance
  3. packaged hazardous substances
  4. Wastewater – Untreated Water sewage from toilet Effluent from the hospital room, etc.
  5. Garbage – food waste kitchen waste ship repair waste, etc.

our services Including cleaning the abortion in the boat as well

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Give 100% satisfaction to our client is our main goal 100 %






Global Standard


Factory registration number 3-106-4/52 cm.
Registered capital 15,000,000 Baht
Type of business

Business type 106

  • Make alternative fuels from used oil.
  • Make alternative fuels from used lubricants or used solvents.
  • Bring used oil to improve quality. for reuse
  • Make Solid Blending and Liquid Blending fuels.
  • Recycle used acid-base
Total area 50 Rai
Machine power 3,400 horsepower
worker 49 people
Address 52 Moo 16, Nong Hiang Sub-district, Amphur Phanat Nikhom, Cholburi Province, Thailand 20140
Telephone (+66) 2-026-6547
E-mail sscoil002@gmail.com , ssc_oil@hotmail.com
ร.ง.4_106 (รีไซเคิลน้ำมัน)_Expire 19-8-66_page-0001

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management certification

Green industry_GI-3_Expire 17-3-67_page-0001

Marine department certification (Translated)

Certificate for ISO 14001-2015_Expire 21-8-66_page-0001

Marine department certification

Certificate for ISO 9001-2015_Expire 21-7-66_page-0001

Certificate ISO9001:2015

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Vision and Mission

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. is managed by a professional team with over 20 years of experience for the highest customer satisfaction. The company operates under the vision and mission with determination. to develop the organization stable and sustainable


SSC Oil is committed to be a leading waste disposal organization in Southeast Asia providing our customers with the highest quality services to ensure the highest satisfaction. We provide service with great responsibility to the environment and society according to the laws, regulations, and international standards.




  • Committed to creativity and innovation Modern technology meets standards, is safe and does not affect the environment. in the process of disposal and recycling of oil
  • Really strive to meet the needs of stakeholders
  • Committed to continuously developing personnel to be professional.
  • Strive to develop the internal management system to meet international standards.

Environmental Policy

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. is aware of the environmental responsibility towards the community, the country, and the world. on the environment that is determined to act as follows:

  • Aim to comply with laws, requirements and other regulations related to the environment. strictly
  • Aiming to improve, prevent and control pollution by waste management Efficient waste water and chemicals
  • Focus on efficient use of resources and energy. including promoting the use of renewable energy
  • Aiming to create awareness of personnel to have knowledge understanding and awareness of the impact of using natural resources on the environment

Organization chart

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Policy Announcement SSC Oil Co., Ltd.

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