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Hazardous waste

What is industrial waste? What types are there?

Industrial waste means waste resulting from the production process. Including deteriorated raw materials deteriorated product containers of contaminated and leftovers, which today In Thailand, we have approximately 70,000 licensed industrial plants, each year. There will be up to 37 million tons of industrial waste divided into 2 major types as follows.

hazardous industrial waste Hazardous waste means unused waste containing hazardous substances or hazardous chemicals.


  • Flammable substances, various types of oil (Ignitable substances), such as waste containing fuel oil, oil residue, contaminated oil used oil used oil which SSC Oil Co., Ltd. provides waste disposal service get rid of oil in this type
    • Corrosive Substances such as used acids, deteriorated acids, acid-mixed oils
    • Reactive Substances such as lime residue, organic solvent waste
    • Toxic Substances, such as organic dyes waste containing sulfide compounds

Substances containing harmful impurities according to the announcement of the Ministry of Industry, such as waste containing heavy metal solutions. Lead-, nickel-cadmium-based batteries, mercury-containing devices

Industrial waste is not dangerous.

Non-hazardous industrial waste such as paper, steel scrap, waste that does not cause an impact on the environment which if these industrial wastes not handled properly disposed of will have many negative effects on living things ecosystem and environment Therefore, it is the duty of the generator of hazardous waste to be sent to the correct plant for disposal. licensed and manage it properly

Thank you information from Department of Industrial Works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9DX2-xm_4A

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