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SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has provided services by a team of experts in get rid of waste get limited oil buy old oil With more than 20 years of experience

With more than 20 years of experience, SSC Oil waste disposal service has earned the trust of hundreds of companies around the globe. We provide a wide range of services including waste disposal services from ocean liners and the industrial sector, waste transportation, and tank cleaning. All transportation and disposal of waste is conducted in full compliance with MARPOL 73/78. To accommodate tight deadlines, our specialists operate 24 hours a day to provide flexible and responsive waste collection solutions for our customers.

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. is happy to serve you.

  1. Get rid of different types of oil. get rid of contaminated oil Used oil of all kinds, such as Coolant oil, coolant oil engine oil, fuel oil, contaminated oil Hydraulic oil, waste oil, used grease, oil mixed with water, lubricating oil other waste oil Both from industry and marine
  2. Recycle used acids and alkalis such as hydrochloric acid HCL, sulfuric acid H2So4, caustic soda, etc.
  3. Receive analysis of water, wastewater, various parameters.
  4. Get the oil tank cleaned. tank cleaning by a trained team And there are controllers who have been trained in safety for working in confined spaces according to the law.
  5. Buying old motor oil, hydraulic oil auction Used lubricating oil, washing oil, engine oil, gear oil, all types, all conditions, offer high prices according to the clarity of the oil, heat value, and water and sediment content.

Seeking professional waste management solutions for the disposal of industrial waste, oils, and sludges?

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Procedure for getting rid of oil and getting rid of waste from industry and marine

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has foreseen the amount of waste. Oil contamination in the industry continues to increase. We therefore provide waste disposal services with legal and complete processes. The company's services cover both land and sea waste transportation. Along with the service of issuing waste documents legally

At present, the company Can receive various types of waste such as used oil, contaminated oil from marine vessels, waste according to MARPOL convention, water contaminated oil, decant oil, used oil, machine wash oil, etc. Some types of waste that can be reused in the form of alternative fuel energy which the company There is a process of sorting those wastes and going through various production processes of the factory. which the work process of the company The procedure for receiving treatment is as follows:

1. Contact customers and take samples of oil waste for analysis.

After the company has analyzed the waste. In the event that the sample cannot be accepted, the company will notify the customer to refuse acceptance of defects. In the event that the removal service is available, the company will notify the customer of the result and offer a price for the service fee.

When the customer agrees, the customer must coordinate and apply for permission to take oil outside the factory area. Issue a consent document between the user and the service provider for treatment/disposal of waste or unused materials to insure liability – Liability (Division 1) and key customers request permission via electronic media. Take unused waste out of the factory area. with the Department of Industrial Works (SK.2)

After the SSC OIL staff has accepted the request for permission and the Department of Factory has successfully authorized it. can make an appointment for the waste transportation date waste oil immediately In case the customer wants to visit the factory or want to see more licenses You can make an appointment with the company immediately.

Operation steps for considering oil disposal

2. Receiving waste, oil, deteriorated alkali from customers

SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has a team of professionals to provide waste pick-up service. contaminated oil

The company has vehicles and ships transporting waste of various sizes. passed the standard of the Department of Factory and Harbor Department meet every need

When the waste arrives at the company There will be an initial inspection of the waste by the company's laboratory whether it is exactly as reported or not. After that, SSC OIL officers notify the reception of unused materials for disposal/treatment to the Department of Industrial Works, along with preparing a list showing the receipt of waste or unused materials (Sor Kor 6) within 7 days.

after receiving waste In case of waste oil or deteriorated acid The characteristics are in accordance with the first consideration. SSC OIL officers sign the invoice for receiving the oil and inform the transporter to load the oil into the Waste oil storage provided and record it in the form.

3. Check quantity and waste sorting Used oil Waste oil by type

By technicians, the company has a laboratory at the company that can inspect the quality and type of waste. contaminated oil thoroughly

After that, the staff will separate the types of waste, contaminated oil. into different types of storage tanks Waiting for the next recycling process

The SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has the capacity to carry waste up to 10,000 tons.

4. Enter the production process oil recycling of industrial plants

In case of oil waste

by the company will check the quality of contaminated oil waste again After that, waste, waste oil, contaminated oil that has passed the preliminary separation Will go through the process of filtering out solid waste materials first

After that, the waste oil is boiled by a heat exchanger. to remove water and impurities Finally, used oil can be recycled in the form of alternative fuels (Recycle Oil).

In the case of deteriorating acidic waste

The company will filter the deteriorated acidic alkali. And adjust the pH value according to customer needs.


FLOW CHART The process of recycling acid-base deterioration.

Recycling of degraded acids

5. Waste generated from oil recycling process will be treated properly

with modern machines meet environmental management standards ISO14001:2015 Waste generated whether wastewater from recycling processes or polluted air from contaminated oil boilers

The SSC Oil Co., Ltd. has a complete pollution treatment system. The system is certified by an environmental engineer. And there is an environmental inspection according to the law every year. can be checked at any time

Seeking professional waste management solutions for the disposal of industrial waste, oils, and sludges?

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Emergency cleaning service (Emergency response team)

We provide waste disposal services from accident cases. Emergency oil spill case Spilled acid and alkali case We have a treatment team ready to resolve the situation 24 hours a day. We have equipment ready. Get rid of it properly.

Waste water analysis service

Laboratory, SSC Oil Co., Ltd. 

Registered as a private laboratory from the Department of Industrial Works Registration number Wor-302 

We provide water analysis services. Waste water analysis Drinking water quality test The cost of water analysis is not as expensive as you think. Accurate analytical results are guaranteed. Fast and standard service

The laboratory is equipped with tools used to analyze various parameters. that has been calibrated by reliable institutions and personnel with expertise To ensure that the test results obtained are reliable and pass the standards set by the Department of Industrial Works.

service request process Water analysis company

If you want to analyze wastewater, drinking water, groundwater or other water but don't know where to start. We have only 4 simple steps. 

  1. Inquire about water analysis Inform the parameters required for analyzing different types of water. with the laboratory by contacting via Email: sscoillab@thailandwastemanagment.com, call 062-337-0067
  2. After agreeing to analyze the sample successfully We have a service to collect samples at the location or can send samples by yourself at the company.
  3. waiting for analysis Generally, it takes about 7 working days for urgent results. can notify immediately
  4. Get results of wastewater analysis from the company via email.

Find out more about the lab at https://thaitestlab.com

Those interested can contact SSC Oil Company Limited. Call 0623370067 (Operating room)

Seeking professional waste management solutions for the disposal of industrial waste, oils, and sludges?

Call 020266547 Inquire via Line: @SSCOIL

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waste disposal service The contaminated oils of SSC Oil Co., Ltd. are accepted by leading customers both domestically and around the world, and this is just one of the main customers who trust and choose SA's services. S Sea Oil Co., Ltd.

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These are international ocean liners that currently use our waste disposal service both from Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port.


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