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What is the Basel Convention?

The Basel Convention is a convention governing the control of the movement and disposal of hazardous waste across borders, including the importation of hazardous waste. export of hazardous waste and disposal of hazardous waste To prevent illegal disposal of hazardous waste or improper disposal.                   

which the Basel Convention Signed to join the contract on March 22, 1990, effective on May 5, 1992. Currently, there are 187 member countries joining the Basel Convention (information as of February 20). 2567)

When did Thailand join the Basel Convention?

Thailand signed the ratification of the Basel Convention on 25 November 1997 and it came into force on 22 February 1998.

The Cabinet appointed the Pollution Control Department to be “Coordination Center” is responsible for coordinating with relevant agencies both within the country and abroad. for operations according to Basel Convention provisions and appointed the Department of Industrial Works as (Authorized agency) responsible for considering requests for permission to import, export, or transit of hazardous waste. and determine legal measures within the country to provide guidelines for compliance and control of imports. Export of hazardous waste shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Basel Convention. 

In addition, a support agency has been appointed. Such as the Customs Department, Marine Department, Port Authority of Thailand. Office of the Insurance Commission budget office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the implementation of the Basel Convention requirements.

Subcommittee Who is involved in the Basel Convention?

In addition, mechanisms and networks for implementing the Basel Convention have been established. Through the subcommittee Basel Convention Under the National Environment Board which has qualified members on the committee. National Environment is the chairman of the subcommittee.

Director General of the Pollution Control Department and Director General of the Department of Industrial Works As a coordination center and authority agency They are the 1st and 2nd vice-chairmen of the subcommittee, respectively, representatives from supporting agencies and from related agencies, a total of 13 agencies.3 experts and officials of the Pollution Control Department and officials of the Department of Industrial Works Serves as joint secretary

In this regard, the sub-committee have authority For example, consider specifying the system. Legal mechanisms and measures Academics to comply with the Basel Convention Including making policy recommendations regarding permission to move waste. Hazards and other wastes Entering the Kingdom and leaving the Kingdom

Objectives of the Basel Convention

  1. Minimize cross-border movement of hazardous waste by managing it in an environmentally friendly manner.
  2. Treat and dispose of hazardous waste as close to its source as possible through environmentally sound management.
  3. Reduce the generation of hazardous waste both in quantity and hazard.




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