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Environmental and Waste Management Expo 2024 (EnWastExpo)

EnWastExpo is a trade fair and seminar on environmental management and waste management. This year 2024 will be held for the second time at Building 6, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, held from 13-15. November 2024 Promote the concept "Join the movement towards a better planet” or “Join the movement towards a better world” By cooperation between Environmental Management Industry Group Federation of Thai Industries and the Sustainable Waste Management Association

Within the event, there was an exhibition of products and services related to environmental management. industrial waste management There were more than 100 leading organizations in the country at the event. Seminars on more than 20 new trend topics, a business matching program for more than 300 business partners, more than 10,000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition, meet innovations and new technologies, and also learn about complete environmental management procedures. cycle Suitable for people who are interested Industrial factory business owner and various agencies Both the public and private sectors

This is considered to be an event that brings together Waste Processors from all over the country into one place. Suitable for those who want to find new technology alternatives in waste management or find a supplier for managing hazardous and non-hazardous waste in industrial plants.

Objective of the work

  1. To support small and medium sized entrepreneurs interested in attending trade shows.
  2. Develop and promote the creation of added value in products and service businesses for export.
  3. Stimulate confidence in the quality of products and services of entrepreneurs

Results of past activities (year B.E. 2566)                                                            

In 2023, the Federation of Thai Industries There were 3,567 attendees at ENWASTE EXPO 2023.
There were a total of 86 entrepreneurs participating in the booth, generating trade/business negotiation value of 507,000,000 baht, divided into:
– Trade value generated within the event was 152,000,000 baht.
– Value created from business negotiations 355,000,000 baht
From 134 buyers (76 agencies/companies) 480 appointments (Meeting)

What entrepreneurs will receiveFrom the booth at the event

  1. Expand the market for products and services for small and medium sized enterprises in Thailand.
  2. Increase the competitive potential of Thai small and medium sized enterprises in the ASEAN and global markets.

Important activities within the event (Highlight)

  1. Exhibiting innovations and technologies in environmental management and pollution management innovations
  2. Business matching program with buyers: Setting up a business matching meeting in advance. between buyers and exhibitors
  3. Environmental consulting and providing information on related laws
  4. Meeting activities Academic seminar and related legal lectures
  5. Presentation of environmentally friendly technology and product demonstrations
  6. Environmental products for sale (both public and private sectors)
  7. Mini-Concert from famous artists and singers at Exhibitor night

Details of exhibitors at the event (Exhibitors)

  1. Waste management technology in industrial plants
  2. Municipal and government waste management technology
  3. Waste management technology in private companies
  4. Waste management equipment
  5. Cement kiln plant management process
  6. environmental management technology
  7. Non-hazardous and hazardous waste disposal technology
  8. Waste management in agriculture
  9. Recycling and recovery of precious metals from e-waste
  10. Technology for recycling waste
  11. Hazardous waste management and disposal
  12. Wastewater technology and management
  13. Waste-to-energy conversion and waste-to-energy production plants
  14. Engineering design services for waste and wastewater management
  15. Collecting and sorting materials for recycling such as glass bottles, plastic, and paper.
  16. Machinery for the production of fertilizer and biogas
  17. Acid waste management/recycling of acids and alkalis from the electronics industry
  18. Conversion of waste by electrical flow (rubber and plastic)
  19. pulp and paper recycling
  20. Production of fuel derived from waste
  21. Recycling technology from scrap steel
  22. Consulting laboratory
  23. Waste management solutions for homes
  24. Waste fuel from the industrial sector
  25. industrial waste incinerator

Thank you for the information from: Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP)

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