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industrial waste

What is industrial waste or waste or unused materials?

Industrial waste or sewage or unused materials It is waste or things that are no longer used. arising from factory operations From the process of receiving raw materials Production process Quality inspection Pollution treatment Maintenance of machinery or equipment Including the demolition of buildings or the construction of buildings within the factory area. including sludge from the production process This includes hazardous waste generated from office buildings and worker residences within the factory premises.

It is classified into 2 parts: hazardous industrial waste (Hazardous Waste) and non-hazardous industrial waste. (Non-Hazardous Waste)

What is hazardous industrial waste?

Hazardous industrial waste (Hazardous Waste) is unused waste that contains chemical components that cause harm or hazardous chemicals that have an impact on the environment and living things. Must be disposed of correctly and reported to the Department of Industrial Works. As required by law, such as

    • Flammable substances such as fuel oil, oil sludge Contaminated oil and various types of oil
    • Substances that are easily reactive or oxidizing substances such as lime residue, organic solvent waste.
    • Corrosive substances such as hydrochloric acid, acid-contaminated oil, caustic soda, and various types of acids. that is deteriorating
    • Toxic substances such as dyes that contain organic substances and waste containing sulphides, various substances containing hazardous impurity components according to the announcement of the Ministry of Industry.

Non-hazardous industrial waste (What is Non-Hazardous Waste?

Non-hazardous industrial waste (Non-Hazardous Waste) is waste that does not contain chemical additives or harmful substances. And when industrial waste is managed, it will not affect the environment and can degrade naturally through landfill processes. and various processes as specified by the Ministry of Industry announcements such as

    • Materials that can decompose naturally Used for a short period of time, such as sawdust, fruit pulp, paper, etc.
    • Materials that can decompose naturally used for a long time, such as bioplastic packaging scraps (Bioplastics), which this type of plastic has plant components as the main component 80 %

3 digit code of treatment/elimination method industrial waste

  • 011 Sorting by type for resale
  • 021 Store in containers.
  • 031 is a substitute raw material.
  • 032 Return to seller for disposal.
  • 033 Return to seller for repackaging or reuse.
  • 039 Reuse in other ways
  • 041 Alternative fuels
  • 042 mixed fuel
  • 044 is an alternative raw material in cement kilns.
  • 049 Bring it back to use in other ways.
  • 051 Enter the solvent recovery process.
  • 052 Enter the metal recovery process
  • 053 enters the acid/alkaline recovery process
  • 054 enters the catalyst recovery process
  • 059 Bring back waste or other unused materials.
  • 061 Biological treatment
  • 062 Chemical treatment
  • 063 Physical therapy
  • 064 Chemical and physical therapy
  • 065 Treat wastewater using physicochemical methods.
  • 066 Enter the central wastewater treatment system
  • 067 Adjust stability using chemical methods
  • 068 Chemically stabilized/fixed using cement or Pozzolanic materials.
  • 069 Other treatment methods To reduce the danger value
  • 071 Landfill according to sanitary principles
  • 072 Landfill safely
  • 073 Safely landfill once stabilized and pre-frozen.
  • 074 Burned in a general incinerator.
  • 075 Burned in a specialized incinerator for hazardous waste.
  • 076 Co-incineration in a cement kiln
  • 077 injection into underground well or the soil beneath the sea Attach permission documents from other agencies.
  • 079 Eliminate by other methods
  • 081 Collect and export outside the country
  • 082 Filling the sea or lowland Only non-hazardous waste.
  • 083 Composted to make fertilizer or as a soil quality improver. Only non-hazardous waste.
  • 084 Make animal food, only non-hazardous waste.

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