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What is BCG Model?

What is BCG Model?

BCG Model is a holistic economic development concept that will develop the economy in three dimensions at the same time:

  1. bioeconomy : Bioeconomy is An economic system that emphasizes the use of biological resources to create added value and emphasizes the use of biological resources for maximum efficiency. Emphasis is placed on developing high value products.
  2. circular economy : Circular Economy isConsideration is given to reusing various materials for maximum use.
  3. green economy : Green EconomyIt is economic development that does not focus only on economic development. But it must be developed together with social development and environmental conservation in a balanced way to achieve stability and sustainability at the same time.

How important is the BCG Model to government operations?

The BCG Model affects government operations. The government has introduced the principles of the BCG Model to develop the country by laying out the concept of Thailand 4.0, which is progress, cutting edge and modern. However, we must admit that the majority of people may not be involved, but with the BCG Model, we will not abandon the majority. and will create strength for everyone When strengthened The opportunity for Thailand to step into Thailand 4.0 as a whole country will be greater.

Therefore, the BCG Model is what will make us become Thailand 4.0. The BCG Model will be a mechanism with high potential to thoroughly raise the quality of life of people in the country. Able to distribute opportunities and reduce inequality effectively At the same time, it can make Thailand become a world leader in some fields where Thailand has potential.

Strategic goals of the country for use in driving the BCG Model

  1. Creating economic value of domestic industry by recognizing foreign investment in order to grow the domestic economy.
  2. Reduce inequality by distributing income to farmers and communities.
  3. Raise the level of Thai food entrepreneurs to be healthy food producers and add value to various cooking ingredients.
  4. The biological industry, production of medicines, medical supplies, medical devices, biological materials, has a strong market. Has the potential to export It is a source of high-skilled and high-income employment.
  5. tourism management system To become a leader in tourism in Asia Pacific
  6. Reducing the use of resources from before both natural resources human resources and other resources

BCG Model with application within the organization (SSC Oil Company Limited)

  1. On the economic side, the company has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak situation. The company has adopted the concept of BCG Model in order to help reduce the working situation. and unemployment and job balance and enable the organization to continue operating its business even under the epidemic situation.
  2. In terms of energy, at present SSC Oil Company Limited has installed solar panels to store solar energy and convert solar energy into electrical energy for use in the production process and is using clean, natural energy without causing pollution. It destroys natural resources and conserves energy.
  3. Health: The company recognizes the importance of personnel within the organization and focuses on good health affecting work. Therefore, annual health examinations are always given to employees. and the company has promoted various activities To get employees involved and create good health for employees
  4. Sustainability use of natural resources and investment within the organization When applying the BCG Model concept within the organization It will be possible to greatly reduce the use of depleted natural resources. It can also reduce pollution that occurs within the organization. Able to drive the organization to conduct business with stability and sustainability

SSC Oil Company Limited, we extend our business principles according to the BCG Model, in which we strive to develop our company towards sustainability in the future.

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