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Green Business

green business  What is (Green Business)?

Green Business is the management of resources to be used to maximum benefit. and most worthwhile Along with preserving natural resources and the environment. Including creating new business opportunities to meet world needs. Good business operations must have an image that is friendly to society, the community, or the local area. 

Green Business places importance on business results in 3 areas:

  1. People are the results that occur to stakeholders, including the general public.
  2. Planet is the impact that occurs on the environment. weather conditions and changes to the nature of the world
  3. Profit is the return on business that results from operating a business that is desired for the business to succeed.

Making the current business enter green business (Green Business) What matters must be taken into account?

1. Reducing wasteful use of resources

Reducing wasteful use of resources is to reduce the use of various resources within the organization By using resources to benefit Worth the price as much as possible.

For example, reducing and avoiding keeping paper documents. By storing documents in electronic file formats to reduce the use of paper resources.

or electrical appliances such as Air conditioners, fans, computer equipment, and others should have measures to reduce the use of electrical resources. Electricity saving measures Determine the time to turn on and off usage, for example, the air conditioner should be turned on only during working hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., which can significantly save on electrical resources. a lot

2. Recycling (easily biodegradable)

Reusable (easily biodegradable) is the reuse of used personnel to achieve maximum benefit. In order not to create waste or affect the environment. Recycling is considered to help reduce business operating costs both directly and indirectly. Helps reduce expenses that must be forwarded to waste disposal recipients and increases the efficiency of products that are environmentally friendly and can be naturally biodegradable. using a short period of time

3. Making resources available for adequate use with restoration

Making resources available for adequate use with restoration is to find new alternatives that do not affect the environment or have the least impact on the environment, for example, there are rehabilitation and improvement projects. Natural resources that are used It is clear that The paper making business group is when trees are cut down, there will be Replanting by replanting should increase the amount even more. than wasted Finding alternative sources of energy and raw materials, emphasizing renewable resources that will not run out. or that can be revived in a short period of time

How does Green Business affect it? with competition in business

At present, world change is entering a critical stage. Some business operations have an impact on the environment. and wasteful use of natural resources and does not restore the part that has been used  

Current business operations have introduced business concepts. Green Business or green business to use for business In the future, green business will have a positive impact on the environment and the world's population. In international trade business, there will be increased acceptance from foreign countries.

Consumers will have confidence in products and products from manufacturers that have received the Green Business certification seal. The government sector plays an important role in pushing businesses or entrepreneurs to operate their businesses according to green business practices.

For in Thailand Currently, green business concepts are being used in business operations in many ways, such as treating wastewater for reuse in the production process. Using electricity produced from solar panels installed on the roof. Using waste materials from production to use in energy production Using other industrial wastes as alternative raw materials in the production process, etc.

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